Toy & Clothing Donations

We all have so much  these days and our kids out grow their toys and clothing at a rapid pace, so let's pass on such treasured items to those who are less fortunate.

Some of the items we're looking to collect and redistribute:

  • Toys, books, crayons, pencils,
  • Clothing, shoes, bibs
  • Blankets, towels, pillows, linen and bedding
  • Plastic baths, bottles, teats, dummies, wedges,
  • Hanging mobiles, baby gyms, baby bags,
  • Camp cots, baby chairs, feeding tables, car seats, strollers, carry cots, baby carriers/ pouches

There are just a few things to note when making donations:

  • Please make sure that clothing is clean and NOT in need of repair (at this stage we don't have someone available to mend clothing - if you can help in this department please email us) as we just want to be able to repack and distribute.
  • Shoes and socks must be in pairs please.
  • Please also make sure toys are NOT broken - if your child can't play with it anymore, how will another child?
  • Please make sure bottles come assembled, so we know what fits where.
  • Smaller items should be packed together and not let loose so they don't get lost.

Items can be dropped off at the office or you can email us to organise a collection.

Who will receive your donations?
That's a very good question, and this is where you come in too... We want you to recommend institutions or private individuals who you know are in need of contributions so we can make a difference for them. So, for example you have a friend or domestic worker who is about to have a baby and needs some kind of assistance, or you know of a crèche in need of book and toys, you email us their details, along with what they need and we'll help out where we can. We will also post on this page with specific requirements if there are items we know someone needs as well as a general list of items we have received do far.

We will also keep a record of who (people may remain anonymous) has received items so you can monitor where your donations are going.

Should you wish to nominate someone please email us with their details.